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Water Transfer Printing Finish LED lighting is now here!

Light up on the latest technology that is now offered at Cadlume!

We welcome you to reveal a premium and durable finish to match quality never seen before. 

Discover this extremely durable and scratch resistant finish by asking for samples!

Aesthetic. Durable. Smart.


Water transfer printing technology (WTP) is a permanent paint process and it can be applied to various materials and objects through the technology of printing pictures and texts on planes and transferring three-dimensional curved surfaces through the application of water.

CLOSE UP_edited.jpg
F1 3105 CADLUME INC.jpg

CIRCA F1-3105    ∅ 31.5" 


CIRCA F4-1805    ∅ 17.75" 

F1 1805.jpg

CIRCA F1-1805    ∅ 17.75" 

F3 2405.jpg

CIRCA F3-2405    ∅ 23.75" 

Water Print Transfer Library_CADLUME.jpg
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