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We offer bespoke lighting creations fabricated from your designs through a detailed process including our initial concept drawings and 3D Renderings, shop drawing design and engineering, sample development, fabrication and custom finishes. 

Our Concept Development and 3D Renderings provide you with a vision of your end product before we price out your lighting package while allowing us to engineer and determine the viability and functionality of your designs.

Let us use our skills and extensive knowledge to show you what we can customize for you before you buy your lighting.

Assembling frames for crystall chandelier

Attention to detail is a key factor in designing and building a bespoke light fixture. With a focus on design, engineering, and development, CADLUME offers custom workmanship with the technical support that you will need to make your project a success. From the initial concept development and through the design approval process we provide communication that is clear, concise, focused, and above all, transparent.

The nature of custom work can seem intimidating and difficult; we make it a painless and seamless creative experience for our clients. On budget, on time, and fabricated to meet the highest quality standards and your design intent.

Custom lighting installation service

We offer additional services of

on-site installation supervision throughout North America on any of our custom projects. Regardless of the size and nature of your project, we can be there to oversee the management of your custom lighting projects and help walk your team through the installation process.

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